Membership is the covenant we make with one another as a church. Every member of Christ Community agrees to remain true to the faith, engaged with our church family, and to be a part of our mission. Biblically, belonging to a local church body is essential for faithful followers of Jesus.

The first step in becoming a member at Christ Community is completing our Growth Track. Once you’ve done that, please setup a time with one of our ministry leaders for an in-person meeting.

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Community Groups

From the beginning, God has wired us for community. For Christians, community means meaningful relationships centered around our faith in Christ. Community Groups are where we foster those relationships in our church. We desire for everyone who belongs to Christ Community to be in a group.

Community Groups meet in homes and on campus on almost every day of the week. In them you can expect times for food and fellowship, Bible study, and prayer.

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Every Christian is called to use the skills and abilities in service to their church. The Bible teaches us that everyone has something to contribute and that it’s for our own good to join the mission. In other words, you need to serve and your church needs you to serve!

To serve at Christ Community, you must be a member. Membership begins with Growth Track, so if you haven’t completed that course, that’s your first step. After that, we have a variety of ministry teams for you to choose from.

Growth Track