The people of Christ Community are reaching people for Jesus everywhere from their neighborhoods to the nations.

Using our gifts, resources, and finances we partner with specific organizations, ministry partners, and church plants in order to maximize impact for the Kingdom of God.


Get involved by praying and encouraging teams and missionaries in training or on the field. Practice radical generosity by financially supporting team members and missionaries to meet their support raising goals. Allow yourself to be stretched in your faith by stepping out of your comfort zone to go on your first missions experience, whether it's a one-day local project to going overseas for a week of ministry.

Opportunities are offered through Christ Community year-round, will you answer the call to GO and make disciples?


Our hope is that every church member adopts the Biblical Missions Culture of supporting, sending, and going.

Many mission trip applications have been suspended due to the coronavirus crisis. We will evaluate the viability of each trip once the crisis subsides.

Pittsburgh, PA

March 26-29, 2020
Trip Status: Postponed

In 2008, Vintage Church of New Orleans launched with a small group of people. That movement has continued to multiply from New Orleans to Pittsburgh. Vintage Church is a church plant we have been supporting since 2018. On this trip we will be walking the streets of Pittsburgh talking to people about Jesus and inviting them to the Sunday service we will be serving in.

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Boston, MA

Fall of 2020
Trip Status: Accepting applications

Banner Hill church exists in Framingham, MA which is a suburb of metro-west Boston. Bryan Shippey is the church planter that we are partnering with. Their mission is to help people know that Jesus is better and they are ALL-in to see people actively lift Jesus as the banner over their life and lead others to do the same.


Guadalajara, Mexico

June 14-21, 2020
Trip Status: Applications suspended

Mexican culture is rich with Catholic tradition and practice.  This team will partner with Iglesia Vida, a church In Guadalajara. The goal of this team is to share the gospel of Jesus and show the people of Guadalajara the freedom found only in a relationship with Christ.  This will done in both one-on-one and large group settings. This will be a mixed trip of adults and freshman and sophomore students. We will walk the streets of Guadalajara sharing the gospel and inviting people to church. We will also work with a local orphanage that the church supports.

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Preston, England

July 27-August 3, 2020
Trip Status: Applications suspended

England has an extremely high percentage of unchurched people. Many of the people our team has interacted with are very resistant to anything faith-oriented. As a result, we partner with Christ Central Preston, one of only two known churches in the city who are making strides to reach their lost population with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They will mainly be doing street evangelism in the Preston area.

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Kathmandu, Nepal

Time: TBD
Trip Status: Accepting applications

Eighty-six percent of Nepalis are Hindu, 8 percent are Buddhists, 4 percent are Muslims, and just over 1 percent are Christians. On a day-to-day level, Hindus practice their religion by making offerings and prayers to particular deities. While certain days and occasions are designated as auspicious, this form of worship can be performed at any time. Our team will partner with IMB missionaries to walk the streets of Kathmandu sharing the hope we have in our relationship with Christ.

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Lima, Peru

Time: TBD
Trip Status: Accepting applications

Last summer our church partnered with Compassion International and adopted children from three countries; Haiti, Kenya, and Peru. On this trip we will travel to Lima, Peru and partner with local church plants that our adopted children attend. We will do work for the church, evangelize, and meet our Compassion children that we have been sponsoring.

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