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Jan 08 2020 - Feb 26 2020


6:30 pm

Theology for Life

Theology is not some pie in the sky discipline reserved only for professors and pastors. Everyone is a theologian. Theology is what we think about God. The only question that remains is if what we think about God matches what God tells us about Himself.

Theology is immensely practical. What we believe about God shapes how we think, how we live, how go about our work, how we raise our children, etc. The goal of Theology for Life is twofold: to study scripture deeply and apply it to our lives rightly.


Many believers are familiar with the New Testament, but oftentimes we struggle to see how the books and stories connect to one another as well as to the Bible as a whole. In this session of Theology for Life, we’ll spend eight weeks looking at the New Testament. We’ll cover the major themes, different genres, and how it all connects to God’s plan of redemption.

This session is just 8 weeks long and will meet in B-223 classroom. We’re looking forward to diving in together!