The Bible reminds us that our faith is not meant to be lived out alone. God has wired us for relationship. The fellowship that stems from community groups is a vital component of spiritual growth. Community groups teach us how to live, care for us when we hurt, spur us to live on mission, and help mold our character. They're also a lot of fun!

At Christ Community, we recognize that everyone's schedule and needs are different, so we do our best to offer different groups for different people. Some groups meet on Sunday mornings while others meet on nights throughout the week. Some study a particular curriculum while others do Bible study based on the sermon. Groups meet on campus as well as in homes around the area. In other words, we've got a group for you!


At Christ Community, there are plenty of groups for you to choose from. Simply click the button below, provide us with some information, and our team will match you with a group or two that fit best!



Having trouble finding a group that works for you? Do you have questions that weren't answered here? Would you rather talk to someone than browse groups online? We get it! We'd love to speak with you directly and do everything we can to get you connected. Feel free to email Pastor Matt at or call the church office at (704) 875-8374!

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